Filming and photo requests

Information for production teams

Dreharbeiten vor der Nikolaikirche
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Frank Marquardt

Please note: Due to the current pandemic, we are not currently authorizing filming in the museums of the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin. We ask for your understanding.

Filming and photography are generally possible in the museums and facilities of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Interior and exterior filming is arranged in the context of current affairs reporting and for documentaries and requires an appropriate filming permit.
For feature films and other commercial productions, interior shots are very limited and only possible in selected rooms. This is due to the greater time and technical effort required and the visitor traffic in the museums. In addition, conservation concerns must also be taken into account. The type and scope of the shots and the technology to be used depend on the conditions of the respective filming location.

Application | Current reporting

For the actual approval we need a written application with all important information about the production with script excerpt and scribbles if necessary. You can find the applications in the column on the right.


After reviewing this application, we will issue you a filming permit for the filming or photography.


The costs for film or photo shoots depend on the project and are calculated according to expenditure. We will inform you about their amount as soon as a complete application is available. The costs are part of the filming permit. The first hour is free for public broadcasters. 
We will inform you as soon as possible and are at your disposal for further questions!