The atelier today
© & Photo: Jens Ullrich

Jeanne Mammen’s studio

by Dr. Martina Weinland

A 360° tour with audio commentary

Go on a visual exploration of a time capsule on Berlin’s Ku’damm! Since Jeanne Mammen’s death in April 1976, the artist’s living quarters and workspaces have remained almost unchanged.

With her paintings from the 1920’s, Jeanne Mammen is regarded as one of Berlin’s most well-known painters and graphic artists. During the Nazi regime and post-war period, she uncompromisingly dared to break new ground. Her studio, located on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm, has remained largely unchanged since her death – it is a historical location and an authentic reminder of a truly unique artist.

Jeanne Mammen (1890-1976), who was born in Berlin in 1890, was forced to leave Paris, her second home, during the outbreak of the First World War, as she was considered an “undesirable foreigner”. In April 1920, she and her sister Marie Luise (1888-1956) rented society photographer Karl Schenker‘s former photography studio at Kurfürstendamm 29. The two women shared the space for many years, which they used both as a studio and living quarters.

The garden house at Kürfürstendamm 29
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Martina Weinland
Jeanne Mammen lived there, right in the the heart of Berlin, until her death on 22nd April 1976. Drenched in natural light which shines through the studio’s large north-facing window, it was a meeting place for like-minded people, artists, fellow poets, as well as friends. The special encounters that took place here are what prompted some of Jeanne Mammen’s companions to try and keep the studio in its original condition after her death. This includes pieces of furniture that were painted by Jeanne Mammen herself, which gives them an individual character.

The studio has been managed by the Stadtmuseum Berlin since 2018 and can be visited in a guided tour or by appointment. Experience this historic location by taking a 360° tour with audio commentary by Dr. Martina Weinland, the Cultural Heritage Officer at Stadtmuseum Berlin.

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