In My View: Helena | Museum Ephraim-Palais

Helena comes from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg and has just passed her A-levels. The capital has a lot to offer young people in particular, but they are also confronted with various difficulties. What the 18-year-old likes about the “BerlinZEIT” exhibition at Museum Ephraim-Palais is that it also deals with social differences and that there is something new to discover on every floor.

In My View

In the film series “In My View”, we show personal perspectives on exhibitions and on individual exhibits in our museums.

Im 2. OG startet die Dauerausstellung.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Romina Becker


In the Ephraim-Palais Museum, the Stadtmuseum Berlin presents its newly revised permanent exhibition “BerlinZEIT – Die Stadt macht Geschichte!”