Everyday Life in Biedermeier Berlin

Humboldt, Schinkel and the Knoblauch family

Living room of the Hauschild family, painting by Eduard Gaertner (detail), 1843
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: C. Lehmann

Welcome to Biedermeier Berlin! The Knoblauchhaus Museum is one of the few preserved town houses from this era of Berlin’s history. The reconstructed living quarters of the Knoblauch family give visitors a glimpse into the everyday life of an upper-middle-class family in 19th century Berlin.

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On the first floor, you will get to know the members of the Knoblauch family and learn about their contributions to the city. On the second floor, day-to-day objects, images and documents provide information about social life, economy, politics and architecture in the period between 1815 and 1845.

In the reception room, or entrée, you will meet Carl’s brother Eduard Knoblauch, an architect who studied under Schinkel. Eduard was one of the most important architects of the 19th century. His best-known work is the Neue Synagoge on Oranienburger Straße. In the corner room at the back of the house, you will meet Hermann Knoblauch, whose academic career as an experimental physicist led him to universities in Berlin, Bonn, Marburg and Halle. Like his father Carl Knoblauch before him, he was also involved in politics.
The reception room is the middle of three adjoining magnificent rooms on the ground floor of the Knoblauchhaus.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Michael Setzpfandt

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