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A labyrinth of board games; animals climbing a pyramid; vehicles of all kinds engaged in an imaginary race on a circuit: For Art Autumn 2023, the US artist Mark Dion has created a work of art from objects in the toy collection of the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

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For the exhibition, Mark Dion spent months researching the collection of around 70,000 objects, one of the largest in Germany. The result is a kind of labyrinth of board games; a pyramid of animals, a circuit with an imaginary race between vehicles of all kinds and other installations. Dolls, military toys and a “poison cabinet” with borderline or cross-border toys are also on display in the exhibition, which is accompanied by a 36-page brochure (included in the admission price).

Since the late 1980s, Mark Dion has been intensively concerned with the question of how knowledge is created and passed on in museums, always with an alert eye for systems of exploitation and oppression. After all, toys, which are mostly designed by adults for children, always convey ideas about people and their world. In dealing with toys, children practise certain role models, and toys are used to teach them specific themes or ideologies.

In another installation, also young people from the Berlin Gymnasium Tiergarten deal as Junior Corators creatively with these aspects of toys.

Behind the scenes

Video | 2:52 minutes

Mark Dion looks through toys from the collection, one of the largest in Germany, with staff from the Stadtmuseum Berlin.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Romina Becker


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