We’re staying! Gentrification and resistance in Berlin

Open Space | Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum


On an Open Space of BERLIN GLOBAL, artists Barbara Bernardi, Linda Paganelli and Vincent Voignier explore the phenomenon of gentrification. Through interviews and an immersive photo and video collage, they show the impact of gentrification on residents, the cultural landscape and urban space. By chronicling diverse strategies of resistance, they encourage visitors to get involved.

Berlin Ausstellung im Humboldt Forum
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Rising prices, empty buildings and displaced residents – while gentrification is not unique to Berlin, it is occurring here with particular speed and devastating impact. Berliners are resisting the loss of affordable housing and urban space with demonstrations, grassroots organisation and solidarity, fighting their displacement to the literal fringes of urban society. But despite their best efforts, the onslaught of advancing commercial interests continues.

Open Space partners: Barbara Bernardi, Linda Paganelli, Vincent Voignier
Sound installation: Michael Berentsen

About the persons

Barbara Bernardi is an artist and filmmaker, born in Italy and based in Berlin since 2008. Her multimedia installations, poetic films and photos create intimate and sensorial landscapes that tell stories of loss, mourning and migration. She collects voices, words and memories of the people who become part of her participatory works, which have been exhibited and screened across Europe and in the United States. 

Linda Paganelli is an Italian visual anthropologist, artist, and filmmaker based in Berlin since 2017. Employing a sensorial and inclusive approach and an anthropological, decolonial, queer*feminist perspective, her work touches on themes such as migration and (be)longing, realities of (post)conflict zones, eco-grief, and the relationship between humans and other species. She collaborates with museums, galleries, universities, and NGOs and co-manages the Berlin Independent Film Community.

Vincent Voignier is a photographer and artist, born in France and based in Berlin since 2003. His work aims to meet communities, individuals and phenomena beyond the mainstream and portray them visually without prejudice or stereotypes. His photo series have documented subcultures such as Sapeurs of Brazzaville in their homes, transgender persons in Russia and the Philippines, and clubbers in Berlin. He has exhibited his work in London, Berlin, and Saint Petersburg.


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The Open Spaces

The Open Spaces are three areas of the exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL, which are played by initiatives, organizations and independent groups. The aim is to make unknown, activist and underrepresented perspectives and topics visible. The projects are selected by an independent jury and developed and implemented over a period of 9 months in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Afterwards, the exhibition will be on display at BERLIN GLOBAL for one year.

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