The Open Spaces

Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

30 kg Freigepäck darf man am Flughafen einchecken – ein voller Koffer für den neuen Lebensabschnitt in einem neuen Land. Aber was passiert, wenn die Dinge, die Sprache, sogar die eigene Identität bei der Ankunft plötzlich eine andere Bedeutung haben?
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Michael Setzpfandt

Create your own exhibit!

The BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition focuses on connections between Berlin and the rest of the world. It follows seven central topics: Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion and Interconnection.

Here, different views and opinions are key: there is never only one correct standpoint but many different slants and experiences. Your perspectives are more than welcome!

Would you like to plan and create an entire exhibition together with our team?
Auf den Freiflächen bei BERLIN GLOBAL ist alles möglich. Zu sehen ist hier die Freifläche im Raum Berlin Bilder.
Kulturprojekte Berlin und Stadtmuseum Berlin

Do you have something to say about:

… the world in Berlin?

… some aspect of BERLIN GLOBAL?

… connections between Berlin and another place in the world?

On the Open Spaces you are invited to do just that.


We are looking for projects that make visible unknown, underappreciated or activist perspectives and topics. We provide the budget and other museum resources. Currently the Open Spaces application is closed. The next call for submissions will begin in 2023.

Current projects

Key Visual der Berlin Ausstellung im Humboldt Forum.
© caromarta Studio