Fördererkreis der naturwissenschaftlichen Museen Berlins

The Fördererkreis supports all biological and earth science collections in Berlin. When it was founded in 1978, it pursued the goal of establishing a natural history museum in the west of the then divided city. This resulted in a comprehensive natural history collection, which was taken over by the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin in 1995. Since then, the Fördererkreis has cooperated with the Stadtmuseum Berlin, especially in the field of natural history education.

Chinesische Wollhandkrabbe in Berlin eingeführt
© Foto: Gerhard Scholtz

The Fördererkreis is committed to, among other things:

  • the preparation and implementation of special exhibitions
  • the modernization of the existing permanent exhibitions
  • the publication of information material
  • the acceptance and mediation of donations, bequests, etc.

Membership in this sponsor group provides sustainable support for natural history museums and other collections, which are currently under increasing pressure from staff and budget cuts. As a member, you can visit natural history institutions at reduced rates. The Fördererkreis regularly informs you about their programs and invites you to special events.


Königin-Luise-Str. 6-8
14195 Berlin-Dahlem

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Kathrin Grotz
Managing Director
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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Scholtz
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