Förderverein Museumsdorf Düppel

The association is committed to researching medieval lifestyles and handicraft techniques. When it was founded in 1975, it set itself the goal of reconstructing a settlement from the 12th century and demonstrating medieval crafts there. The ground plans of the village were discovered in the late 1960s during archaeological investigations near the Machnower Krummen Fenn in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

Eine Korbflechterin im Museumsdorf
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Experience the Middle Ages at first hand

The members acquire their knowledge of tools and processes with the help of experimental archaeology and by studying suitable sources. Over the years, this has given them new insights into wool processing and medieval clothing, agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture, pottery, woodworking, and house construction. Even with blacksmithing, wood tar and pitch, the members were able to revive old techniques. As a result, the Düppel Museum Village has become a recognized center for experimental archaeology beyond the borders of Berlin.

To its members the Museum Village Düppel:

  • a village from the time of the founding of Berlin, reconstructed on the ground plans of the medieval settlement
  • the unique opportunity to directly experience the everyday culture of the High Middle Ages

Chairman of the Board: Torben Schmeiduch
Vice-Chairman of the Board: Eva Fassbinder
Treasurer: Ulrike Orlowski
Assessors: Manuela Fiedler, Fabian Förster, Christian Huß, Jasmine Kunze
Speaker of the working groups: Brigitte Jusuf


Clauertstr. 11
14163 Berlin – Zehlendorf

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Torben Schmeiduch
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