“Slum district in Bogota”, Bogota 1973
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Bernd-Horst Sefzik

Asien, Mittel- und Südamerika

by Florenz Heldermann

NBI photo articles of Bernd-Horst Sefzik

Part 3

The NBI took into account the global view and thus imparted to readers in the GDR the feeling of being part of this. Many reports covered Cuba’s socialist development or the suffering and the dreams of the people in the so-called “backyard of the USA”. Extraordinary are the images of a four-part travel report through Northern Vietnam and a visit to Iraq after the end of the First Gulf War (Iran-Iraq War) 1988.

“Children and soldiers in Thong Nhat Park: Peace is armed.”, Hanoi 1974
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Bernd-Horst Sefzik

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