Till Egen | Wir – Gespräche zum demokratischen Alltag in Berlin

Berliner Zimmer

Till Egen, born in 1983, came to Berlin ten years ago as a filmmaker. He became involved doing street work with refugees during the occupations of Oranienplatz and the Gerhart Hauptmann School. He later participated in civilian sea rescue operations. In 2019, he was a media coordinator on Carola Rackete’s Sea Watch mission. Their ship floated off the coast of Lampedusa for 20 days before they decided dock without authorisation and bring the rescued people to safety.

Wir – Gespräche zum demokratischen Alltag in Berlin

Germany’s official reunification on 3rd October 1990 was the final act of a broad democratic awakening in the GDR, which saw mass mobilisations in Leipzig, East Berlin and elsewhere. The date also marked the end of the division of Berlin. Thirty years later, a video project by Berlin artist Sonya Schönberger introduces people who are working for democracy in Berlin today.

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