Un certain regard – Everyone belongs

Open Space | Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum


In Un certain regard, the clients of Lebenshilfe Berlin tackle the central topics of BERLIN GLOBAL: Thinking the world, Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion and Interconnection.

This open space was on display in the room “Interconnection” from 21 July 2021 to 21 November 2022.

The artists engage with the content of the exhibition as well as with their individual view of Berlin: The handicapping obstacles they encounter every day shape their experiences and perceptions of the city. Thus, the exhibition concludes with a change of perspective in the Open Space.

The idea for the project came from David Permantier, who runs Kunstwerkstatt Kreuzberg and has initiated cultural and political projects related to inclusion at Lebenshilfe Berlin for many years.


Partner: Lebenshilfe Berlin
Artists: Angelika Bartel, Sarah al Darwich, Wolfgang Fassott, Heidi Fassott, Tim Hartung, Harald Krainer, Lutz Marx, Herbert Meyer, Veronika Patzuda, Ralph Westerberg, Hildegard Wittur
Organisation: David Permantier
Design: museeon. – Studio for exhibitions

Open Spaces

The Open Spaces are three areas of the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition developed by initiatives, organisations and independent groups. The objective is to increase the visibility of unknown, underrepresented and activist perspectives and issues. The projects are selected by an independent jury, then realised over a period of 9 months in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Afterwards, the exhibitions are shown for one year as part of BERLIN GLOBAL.