30 kg

Open Space | Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum


On one of BERLIN GLOBAL’s Open Spaces, seven Turkish Berliners reflect on their own experience of migration. Their belongings are no longer useful in Berlin, their mother tongue finds no exact translation.

Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum
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You’re allowed to check in up to 30 kg of free luggage at the airport – one full suitcase for a new life in a new country. But what happens when your things, your language, even your own identity take on different meanings upon arrival?

Through the installation, the group invites visitors to consider their own identity. The project also draws a parallel to the 1920s, when independent women from Turkey migrated to Berlin and had to redefine themselves, just as they do today.


“30 kg” was curated by Burcu Argat and Izim Turan together with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. With: Pınar Akyol, Başak Arslan, Michelle Demishevich, Ayşe Derya Kır, Ayça Öztarhan Kocatürk, Seda Boran Krüger and Nur Özalp.

The Open Spaces

The Open Spaces are three bright blue areas within the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition developed by initiatives, organisations and independent groups. The objective is to increase the visibility of unknown, underrepresented and activist perspectives and issues.

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7,00 € / 0,00 € (reduced)