Here and Now. Women⁺ Experiencing Homelessness in Berlin

Open Space | Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum


Poverty is an omnipresent reality in Berlin. Women⁺ experiencing homelessness often go unseen or are deliberately overlooked. Some use camouflage for self-protection. The association querstadtein e.V. has dedicated an Open Space at BERLIN GLOBAL to the perspectives and experiences of (formerly) homeless women⁺.

Berlin Ausstellung im Humboldt Forum
10178 Berlin

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Rendering visible those who are all too often disregarded is a central aim of querstadtein’s work. In doing so, they always let individuals (formerly) affected by homelessness speak for themselves.

Parts of these stories can be retraumatising for people with similar experiences.

Open Space partner

A project by querstadtein e.V.

Anna, Janet, Janita-Marja, Richi, Susanne 
– Interview partners
Selina Byfield – Audio station concept 
Selina Byfield, Ilona Marti, Daniel Schauf – Audio station creation 
Ilona Marti – Editing and sound design
Muhammed Lamin Jadama – Photography
Daniel Schauf – Interviews for audio stations
Studio It’s About – Media design and production

querstadtein e.V.

Since 2013, the association querstadtein has been developing city tours as a format for political education. By focusing on issues such as exclusion and discrimination, and rendering visible those lives that are far too often overlooked, these tours offer people an opportunity to change their perspectives.

Formerly homeless tour guides take people on a tour of sites that are central to their biographies and share their personal and collective experiences.


After the Open Space exhibit opens, it is on display for about 18 months as part of BERLIN GLOBAL.

The Open Spaces

The Open Spaces are three areas of the exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL developed by initiatives, organizations and independent groups. The aim is to increase visibility of perspectives on Berlin’s past and present that have not received sufficient representation in museums and exhibitions – including BERLIN GLOBAL. The projects are selected by an independent jury and developed and implemented over a period of 12 months in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Afterwards, the exhibition is on display at BERLIN GLOBAL for about 18 months.

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10178 Berlin


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7 euros / 0 euros (reduced)

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