Support associations

Numerous private individuals support the work of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. They are linked to the Stadtmuseum Berlin via the museum locations or collection areas in four support associations.

Stiftung Stadtmuseum: Museumsdorf Düppel Copyright: Christian Kielmann für Stiftung Stadtmuseum
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Christian Kielmann

In addition to the Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Stadtmuseums Berlin e. V. (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Stadtmuseum Berlin), three other sponsoring associations support the work of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Due to the varied history of the Stadtmuseum Berlin, their profile is also oriented towards individual museum buildings or specific collection areas.

The sponsoring associations support exhibitions and events, promote offers for a young audience and families as well as the purchase of works for the collections. In this way, the associations make an important contribution to preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Berlin.