In My View: Kaey | Museum Ephraim-Palais

As a trans* activist, performer and drag queen, Kaey regularly performs on Berlin's stages. Kaey has also delighted audiences at the Museum Ephraim-Palais: on the admission-free museum sunday, she read children's books with a lot of fun and good humour as part of the "Drag Story Hour" in the "BerlinZEIT" exhibition.

In My View: Helena | Museum Ephraim-Palais

Helena comes from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg and has just passed her A-levels. The capital has a lot to offer young people in particular, but they are also confronted with various difficulties. What the 18-year-old likes about the "BerlinZEIT" exhibition at Museum Ephraim-Palais is that it also deals with social differences and that there is something new to discover on every floor.

In My View: Adrian | Museum Ephraim-Palais

When Adrian is not passionately pursuing his profession as a physiotherapist, he loves exploring Berlin or offering museum tours himself. Adrian doesn't let his visual impairment since childhood stop him. His thirst for knowledge and his joy are far too great. Adrian regularly offers tactile tours for blind and visually impaired people in the "BerlinZEIT" exhibition in the Museum Ephraim-Palais.

In My View: Dirk | Museum Ephraim-Palais

Dirk loves to "cruise" through the city on one of his East Berlin Simson mopeds. The trained motor vehicle and armoured car mechanic maintains the six family heirlooms with great passion. Preserving old things for posterity has also brought Dirk to the Berlin City Museum. He has been working here as an in-house technician since 2019 and is also responsible for the smooth operation of the Ephraim-Palais museum in Berlin's Nikolai neighbourhood. Of course, it's clear which exhibit in the "BerlinZEIT" is Dirk's favourite!

The city makes history!

In this video, we present its newly revised permanent exhibition “BerlinZEIT – Die Stadt macht Geschichte!” at Museum Ephraim-Palais.

Gentrify this!

Berlin was long considered poor but sexy. But those times are over. Berlin has become increasingly attractive for large real estate companies and investors. Rents are exploding and affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce. Gentrification is one of the biggest areas of conflict in current urban development policy.

Hip hop – From New York via Berlin to Istanbul

Tan Bahar aka DJ Cut'Em T. and cultural scientist Verda Kaya look back at youth culture in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the 1980s and 1990s. In particular, they look at the first bands with Turkish-language songs at the Hip hop station in BERLIN GLOBAL.