Three exhibition projects were selected.
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New Open Space projects at BERLIN GLOBAL

In summer 2023 the Stadtmuseum Berlin issued an open call: “Create your own exhibition!”. We were looking for groups and organizations to realize their exhibition projects with us on the Open Spaces in BERLIN GLOBAL. 34 ideas were submitted. An independent jury selected three new projects, set to open in 2025 and 2026.

by Sophie Perl

The public call for applications to the Open Spaces in BERLIN GLOBAL ran from 1 June to 31 August 2023. 34 groups and organizations submitted their ideas via the Stadtmuseum Berlin website. The jury met on 17 October 2023 and selected three outstanding projects.

The Open Spaces aim to increase visibility for perspectives on Berlin’s past and present that have been insufficiently represented in museums – including in BERLIN GLOBAL – e.g. BIPoC, queer, neuro- and physically diverse or intersectional perspectives. In this way, the Open Spaces contribute to the Stadtmuseum Berlin’s efforts to increase diversity and inclusion within the institution.

The three selected projects are characterised by their high relevance for Berlin’s urban society and by the visibility they provide for new perspectives. We look forward very much to working together!

Open Space A “Interconnection” | Opening spring 2025

If I were King or Queen

Hopes, Wishes and Visions for Berlin’s Future – by Young People from Neukölln

  • Partner organization: Bürgerstiftung Neukölln
  • The Bürgerstiftung Neukölln is responsible for several mentoring and participation projects to strengthen social cohesion in the district. On the Open Space, the foundation will be working with young people from Neukölln. Taking a critical look at the present, the participants will formulate dreams and visions for the future of the city.
  • The project was selected primarily because of its young participants, its focus on the future, and its critical yet hopeful approach.
Open space B “Berlin Images” | Opening fall 2025

Transcultural Community Gardens Connect

  • Partner organization: Flamingo e.V.
  • Flamingo e.V. runs a medicinal herb garden off Hermannstraße and offers various empowerment activities for refugee women+. The Open Space project deals with community gardens as a site of feminist protest, solidarity, knowledge transfer and healing in Berlin. At the centre of the presentation is a sculptural tree. The tree is both a work of art and an information carrier, with sound, film clips, music (also understood as a feminist form of protest) and images.
  • The project was selected primarily because of its interconnected perspectives (migrant, feminist, ecological) and its well thought-out and poetic spatial concept.
Open Space C “Entertainment” | Opening mid-2026

Time Machine Infinitum: Journey Through Forever

  • Partners: Noam Gorbat (video artist), Omar Nicolas (artist, curator), Sina Ahmadi (spatial strategy)
  • The project looks at the continuities of queer migrant life in Berlin: queer migrants not as a hip contemporary phenomenon but as an integral part of Berlin’s past, present and future. Visitors enter the installation and are transported through time by images, sound, objects and film.
  • The project was selected primarily because of its intersectional approach, its ambitious artistic vision and its conscious positioning towards the Humboldt Forum.

Open Space jury 2023

  • Chairman: Thomas Krüger | President of the Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Selina Byfield | Expert for social participation, former head of querstadtein e.V., Open Space partner
  • Emine Elci | Social worker, city guide
  • Leon Kahane | Visual artist
  • Anna Krenz | Activist, visual artist, architect, Open Space partner
  • Josephine Nangolo | Political science student
  • Ngoc Anh Nguyen | Musician, mentor, social worker
  • Theodore Seifert | Student of American Studies
  • Dirk Sorge | Founder of Berlinklusion, visual artist
  • Robert Wein | Head of the phototheque at the Stadtmuseum Berlin

Current projects

After the Open Space exhibit opens, it is on display for about 18 months as part of BERLIN GLOBAL.

The Open Spaces

The Open Spaces are three areas of the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition that will be used by initiatives, organizations and independent groups.