Märkisches Museum

Exhibitions on the history, culture and everyday life of Berlin

The Märkisches Museum – a house in transition! Embedded in the newly designed Köllnischer Park not far from the Jannowitzbrücke.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Fiona Hirschmann
Until the end of 2022, the motto was: Welcome to the Märkisches Museum!
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Christian Kielmann

Under the working title “Museums- und Kreativquartier” (Museum and Creative Quarter), a cultural location with an impact and creative power for the whole of Berlin and beyond will be created by 2028.

Museums- und Kreativquartier
Am Köllnischen Park
10179 Berlin

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From 2023, the Märkisches Museum will be completely renovated. After reopening in a few years, it will form the heart of a new museum and creative quarter at Köllnischer Park together with the neighbouring Marinehaus.

Make a wish: What should the city museum of the future look like? Students at HTW Berlin have designed their wishes in models.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Michael Setzpfandt
In the Märkisches Museum, history is then told in many voices and continued together with the urban society. The original objects in our collections are presented in a visible, accessible and innovative way for everyone – as evidence of past times and as a key to present and future developments.

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Museums- und Kreativquartier
Am Köllnischen Park
10179 Berlin


+49 30 24 002-162
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