Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum

Good for a surprise: the walk-in disco ball in the room Entertainment.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Anne Preussel
The exhibition shows the city of Berlin as part of a networked world.
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Anne Preussel

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: much of what happens in Berlin has an impact on the world. And much of what happens in the world affects Berlin. BERLIN GLOBAL shows on 4,000 square meters in the Humboldt Forum how the city and its people are connected to the world.

Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum
10178 Berlin

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Mon + Wed – Sun | 10.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
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Last admission is at 5.15 p.m.

Visitors start in a room called Thinking the World and move on to an introductory space entitled Berlin Images. Rooms with individual themes then follow: Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion and Interconnection. These aspects also feature in other metropolises, but the constellation captures the essence of the city.

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Rich in variety and full of surprises, the immersive installations and atmospheric presentations invite visitors into these realms and the underlying diversity of Berlin. We let those who know the city speak: residents, experts, artists, initiatives and associations. Their stories, experiences and perspectives energise the exhibition.

Key Visual of the Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum.
© caromarta Studio

This is how the theme rooms sound at BERLIN GLOBAL

Thinking the World

In the exhibition, those who know the ropes have their say: People who live here, experts, artists, initiatives and associations: Their stories, experiences and perspectives bring BERLIN GLOBAL to life.


Open Spaces

The concept

The Open Spaces are three areas of the exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL, which are played by initiatives, organizations and independent groups. The projects are selected by an independent jury and developed and implemented in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. 


The Berlin Exhibition is a coproduction of Kulturprojekte Berlin and the Stadtmuseum Berlin. The concept and content of the exhibition were developed by a team led by the Chief Curator of the State of Berlin at the Humboldt Forum. Kulturprojekte Berlin was responsible for the overall management of the project including the exhibition production, communication and – together with the Stadtmuseum Berlin – for education, accessibility and inclusion.

Berlin Stories at BERLIN GLOBAL

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Opening Hours

Mo + Wed – Sun | 10.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Tue | closed

Last admission is at 5.15 p.m.


10178 Berlin


For ticketing and service requests, please contact the Humboldt Forum Visitor Services:
+49 30 9921 189 89
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All areas are accessible to prams, wheelchairs and wheeled walkers. There is plenty of seating in the exhibition and a tactile, high-contrast floor guidance system provides orientation. A visitor guide with audio description is also on offer. The main thing is simply for you to be here!



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