Special Exhibition

Liberty, Equality, Solidarność. Polish Viewpoints in Berlin

The Open Space “Liberty, Equality, Solidarność” in the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition looks at Berlin as a site of Polish struggles for freedom and against discrimination, as well as a place of dialogue and solidarity.

Loot. 10 Stories

Starting in spring 2024, the Humboldt Forum will present a temporary exhibition “Loot. 10 Stories”. Through ten case studies, visitors will be immersed in the complex topic of looted art over three different periods: the colonial era, the Napoleonic conquests in the 18th century and the so-called “Third Reich” between 1933 and 1945. Also on display are items on loan from the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

Here and Now. Women⁺ Experiencing Homelessness in Berlin

Poverty is an omnipresent reality in Berlin. Homeless women+ often go unseen or are deliberately overlooked. Some use camouflage for self-protection. The association querstadtein e.V. has dedicated an Open Space at BERLIN GLOBAL to the perspectives and experiences of (formerly) homeless women+.

Mark Dion. Delirious Toys

Zum Kunstherbst 2023 hat der US-amerikanische Künstler Mark Dion aus Objekten der Spielzeugsammlung des Stadtmuseums Berlin ein Kunstwerk geschaffen.

Voicing Bethanien

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, the project Voicing Bethanien looks back at the eventful past of a Kreuzberg and Berlin cultural institution with an exhibition and program of events. The multi-room video installation from artist Sonya Schönberger consists of forty interviews with people who have shaped this place and talk about their memories and, above all, about their lives. Voicing Bethanien is a collectively voiced and individually experienced narrative of a venue of international and local significance in a city that has constantly been marked by rapid urban development and social upheaval.

Berlin Contrasts (2004–2015)

Berlin ist eine Stadt der Kontraste, auf die es viele Perspektiven gibt. Zwei davon zeigen wir in einer Ausstellung von Bildern der Fotografen Frank Silberbach und Nikolas von Safft.

Musica di strada. Italians in Prenzlauer Berg

Mechanical Musical Instruments from the Stadtmuseum Berlin at the Museum Pankow