Gentrify this!

Berlin was long considered poor but sexy. But those times are over. Berlin has become increasingly attractive for large real estate companies and investors. Rents are exploding and affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce. Gentrification is one of the biggest areas of conflict in current urban development policy.

Hip hop – From New York via Berlin to Istanbul

Tan Bahar aka DJ Cut'Em T. and cultural scientist Verda Kaya look back at youth culture in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the 1980s and 1990s. In particular, they look at the first bands with Turkish-language songs at the Hip hop station in BERLIN GLOBAL.

The Revolutionary Public 1848

Using the example of 33 historical posters from the “Revolution” room of the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition, curator Martin Düspohl explains the different positions, backgrounds and nuances of the public texts.

New York – Berlin – Istanbul: Hip hop in the changing cities

How Hip hop found its way from the USA to Turkey and the role Berlin played in this process is shown in the room "Entertainment" at BERLIN GLOBAL with exhibits, colourful graffiti and a hip hop media station.

Dots on the chest

All visitors to the WELTSTUDIO are invited to participate. For blind and visually impaired people, the WELTSTUDIO's mediation team has developed inclusive elements.

From Askari soldier to actor

In the room "War" at BERLIN GLOBAL, photos, letters and films tell the story of Mahjub bin Adam Mohamed Hussein (1904 - 1944).