BERLIN GLOBAL in 60 minutes at Museum Sunday


In 60 minutes, you can turn the “Wheel of History”, dance inside a giant disco ball or discover local history through telescopes in the windows of the Humboldt Forum.

Regulär: free entrance
1 Stunde

The tour opens up a dialogue with visitors through an interactive experience of global dynamics in historical and contemporary Berlin.
Expansive installations and captivating stories guide visitors through seven distinctive sides of Berlin. Each room features surprising objects and motifs: Right in the middle of BERLIN GLOBAL is a huge rusty vault door. What does this massive object tell us about dispossession and persecution and why is it a symbol for the party scene of the ‘90s? Just looking up at the ceiling to see the original lighting fixtures from the Palast der Republik gives an insight into the past: What was recreation and entertainment like for Berliners 40 years ago

Length: 60 minutes
Price: free entrance
Tickets: Free tickets are available at the box office in the foyer of the Humboldt Forum.